About me

On the night Pete Pinocci was born; his father was tripping on acid and his mother was dancing at a disco(just glad it was not the other way around). Born in Alexandria,Louisana to a high yellow black mother and a Italian/Jewish father, Pete Pinocci often heard voices, had many imaginary friends, got assaulted by a goat at the tender age of five and never learned to ride a bicycle ( or figure out the correct usage of commas and semicolons). Pete Pinocci has lived in Prince Georges county Maryland for most of his life and went to High Point High School. He has been doing stand up and improv comedy in the DC metro area for the past six years. Pete also is a regular at the New Deal cafe with his original comedy based songs (including one about the local legend 'Goatman'). Pete is a local musician /actor who appeared in the production of Big river at the Greenbelt art center.